Monday, December 17, 2018

Life is full of "what if" moments...

Life is full of '"what if" moments...

The moment before you try to lose weight AGAIN... 

"What if this doesn't work? Will I be stuck feeling this way?"

The moment before going to the gym for the first time... 

"What if people stare at me and start laughing?"

The moment before stepping on the scales each week... 

"What if I've put weight on? I'll be so deflated."

What if you thought about life's moments in a different way?

What if you stop complaining and took action?... 

That moment could change your life...

What if you took responsibility for your decisions and realized you're the one in control? 

That moment would be a breakthrough...

What if you chose your own happiness over what others think?... 

That moment would set you free...

What if you stopped thinking about "what if" and started enjoying life's moments?

“I would rather never give up on my dreams and end up disappointed than give up on myself.”

What if you Clicked This Link and truly changed your life...

10 things you can control RIGHT NOW!

  • How much you smile.
  • Who you follow.
  • How you treat others.
  • How you talk to yourself. 
  • What you eat.
  • What you wear.
  • How you experience stress. 
  • Whether you ask for help or not.
  • When you go to bed. 
  • The "What if's" you ask yourself.

As we begin 2019, BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! What matters most is "NOW"!
P.S... Life has many moments ahead. Enjoy them... Don't fear them! 

Cindy Lane Ross

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Competition Day is Finally Here!

It's Finally Here

All the training...

I can’t believe Showtime is almost here...
112 days of prep= ~8,960 min of cardio
~13,440 min of weightlifting ~672 meals
~125 gallons of water
~1,120 min of posing practice
Consistency. Hard work. Discipline. 

Peak week was fantastic... 
I loved it all, the meal prep, the hard work, the rest, the tanning, and most all the workouts!

I got to shoot with my fav photographer this week, wanting to capture all the hard work and turning 41 of course :) Did a run through with Chasity Hair by Design on Hair & Makeup as well.

Day of Check-In at the OCB Battle on the Beach

Overall energy levels stayed good when Thursday hit it was the last cardio session and workouts were over, now time to rest!

Friday check-in... carb loading :)

And I even had time to capture another sunset from our dock. 

Going over last min details of night before show... the do's and the don'ts!

9pm Check-in Night Before

And it's showtime...

630am Hair & Makeup

Headed to the OCB Battle on the Beach in Gulf Shores, AL

Backstage with chillin' in my Girl Be Brave Chair, patiently waiting my turn :)

Time to pump up!!!

No nerves yet... Just anxious!

Placing 3rd in Master's and 4th Overall Novice Open

What an amazing experience and really glad I chose to do OCB for my 1st show, I honestly loved every minute of it and sad to see it all come to an end. 
Judges critiques to come in leaner next time and add more sass to my stage presence.

Now into reverse dieting and start working towards my first full season starting June 2019 :)
Thanks to my support team...
Left Christian Simmons (Coach), my #1 Co-pilot (Jason Ross), and my dear friend Chasity Rice.

I love you and thank you for the support you give me in LIFE!

Thanks for being my person, love you to the moon and back Chance Lane! xoxo

Thanks for following along... I will still be updating you weekly to show my transition. I have found the sport I have been searching for since my tennis career ended due to Rheumatoid Arthritis 20 years ago. I'm excited to share this journey with you, just remember it's never too late to chase a dream!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

1 Week Out... It's Peak WEEK :)

It's finally here... PEAK WEEK! All the hard work, discipline, and consistency is ready to hit the stage on Oct. 20. 
Celebrated 41 Years on Saturday. 

                       227lbs- Feb. 2006                   120lbs- Oct. 16, 2018                
It doesn't matter what obstacle you have in your life, anything is possible... Just set your mind to it and watch the magic happen.

This week has been great and we even made it out to the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama and watched a beautiful sunset on the beach.

Some days feel like Groundhog Day, although I'm thankful for the routine especially on the lower energy days. Week 3 Keto and here is my Sunday check-in

Top is Oct. 7 and Bottom is Oct. 14

I have completely fallen in love with this sport. This whole process has been amazing, I am not saying easy... I like the HARD days, it's all about the challenge even when you want to give up!

I told my coach today, I'm sad to see it come to an end on Saturday, but excited for putting on more muscle and staying lean during the OFF-SEASON. 

Everyone keeps asking me, what will I eat after the show? Honestly, I'm not a foodie and I don't need anything dirty. I want a higher carb meal and then after a rest day on Sunday you will see me right back in the gym hitting the weights. With less cardio of course and more life until the next prep, but excited to jump right back in. 

Hubby bought these for my birthday... LOVE!
I haven't really celebrated my birthday yet, I figured I would wait and toast Jason with a cocktail after the show... we booked a little trip over to NOLA to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday both of which fell during my prep :)

Although I did enjoy my special day...
I worked out and trained as normal, went for a manicure/pedicure and enjoyed a beautiful sunset evening from our boat dock all while counting my blessings. 

I'm excited to share with you the results from the Battle on the Beach Saturday, Oct. 20. I will do my best to post on Sunday.
Follow me on Facebook & Instagram... lots of live videos and pics coming soon!

If you are interested in attending, the show is at the Erie Myer Civic Center in Gulf Shores, AL
The afternoon show starts around 1pm after intermission. 

Thanks for following along with me during this journey!


Cindy Lane Ross