Thursday, January 6, 2011

Motivation to make a lifestyle change!

           I have been in the exercise business most of my life, starting out with playing tennis and then developing what I had learned and now owning a personal training studio. I was out in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and at our hotel I run into Frado from The Biggest Loser. He was sitting there in the hotel restaurant having lunch with his family and I was blown away at how AMAZING he looked. I see on a day to day basis how fast a body can change when the right motivation and work ethic is involved, but hearing Frado's story and seeing his dramatic results were very impressive!
            I know alot of you watch the show and you all see how fast these contestants lose the weight. It is fast, but what you don't realize is, these people leave their family, job, and life behind for months on end and this becomes their full time EVERYTHING.. They sleep, eat, and breathe working out and eating right, they are learning what got them to this point in their life and they are learning to overcome everything that has made them gain this weight throughout their life. They have nutritionists, doctors, and trainers around the clock, along with working out 7-8 hours a day!
            I don't want you to get the perception that you can not achieve these same results, YOU can! Your probably saying "Cindy, I have kids, a job, a husband,etc. to tend to and I just don't have the time to devote on exercising all the time".
           All it takes is making that first commitment.. baby steps! No, it may not happen in 4 months, but you also didn't gain that weight and get out of shape in 4 months. It takes learning how to eat, the right mind set, and the right exercise program, most of all having the MOTIVATION to want to make a lifestyle change!

Let the Bodies By Cindy Team change YOUR life TODAY!

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