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Body Type Blueprint by Cindy Lane Ross

Body Type Blueprint

Authored by Mrs. Cindy Lane Ross

The Key Ingredients to Gaining Control over Your Body!
Body Type Blueprint is going to be your foundation of regaining
control over your body at any age! You will learn the necessary tools to help you
create a lifestyle change for a new and improved healthy YOU! Maybe you never
learned how to eat right in elementary school, high school or college, and then
went on to gain that usual freshman fifteen that everyone talks about. Maybe you were an athlete and never worried about what you put in your mouth, your
athletic days came to an end and your body began to change. Or, maybe you
were just fortunate that your metabolism was fast and you could eat any and
everything in site, now you're getting older and noticing that your body is not
burning off the calories like it used to. Or have you put yourself on the backburner to raise a family and you have put everyone ahead of your own needs?
Everything you do and learn as a young adult, the habits you create, this
is setting the tone for you Body Type Blueprint. It is never too late to teach and
old dog new tricks, so no matter your age I can help you change your mentality
when it comes to gaining control over your body.
I was a chubby kid growing up, dieting at the age of 8, being made fun of as
the fat kid in school. I was fortunate enough that my father put me in tennis
lessons over the summer of 6th grade. This was the beginning of my body type
blue print, implementing exercise!
I have clients coming through my door several times a day, every day,
explaining to me all the reasons they are over weight. There is NO EXCUSE! Did
you hear me? THERE IS NO EXCUSE! You control what you put in your mouth!
No one else, if you are old enough to read this book, then you are old enough to
be feeding yourself, and therefore you can control it! This is the reason for my
book, I want to break the fundamentals down so they are easy to understand,
and I want you to be able to see that if you change your mindset, leading a
healthy lifestyle can be very simple to learn. I want to teach you all the secrets to
my success that has taken me years to figure out.
There is not one perfect diet; there is not a magic pill, and definitely not a
perfect surgery as a cure all! It takes waking up one day, having an epiphany,
and saying to your self, "I don't want to live in this body anymore". The healthy
you is trapped inside and we need to set you free! On too many occasions a
client of mine will tell me they are ready to change their life but within a few short
weeks, they have already fallen off the wagon. "Why?" Do you ask, Because of
work, kids, spouse, a wedding to go to, vacation, etc. See where I'm going with
this? A thousand and one excuses, but in reality there is "NO EXCUSE"!
You have to take charge of your own destiny! No one can do it for you, a trainer
can show you the exercises and teach you about nutrition, but unless you are
fully committed, you will not get the results you are looking for!
I'm not telling you this task is going to be easy, but anything worth having
is worth fighting for. I think adding years to your life, being able interact with your
kids, and having a fun and productive life at retirement age is worth fighting the
battle for!
Body Type Blueprint will help you change your way of thinking when it
comes to food, eating healthier, making better decisions, adopting the right
exercise program, and life in general. I want to help you change from the inside
out. I want to take all your negative thoughts and emotions and turn them into
POSITIVE energy. When I teach you the power of Positive attitude and give you
the tools for a healthier you, your Body Type Blueprint will start to transform into a
work of art.

Publication Date:
Apr 26 2011
1461124514 / 9781461124511
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Health & Fitness / Weight Loss
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