Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Eat Healthy On The Go

Eating Healthy On The Go

When you’re home, you are master of your domain. You control what comes into the kitchen and what lands on your plate. But what happens when you’re not at home — when you’re traveling, fighting traffic, waiting at the airport, running late or stuck at the mall and your  starving?
The fear of drive through and fast food restaurants has been drilled into most of us. But sometimes there’s no avoiding a meal out at a less than healthy establishment. So here are some tips and guidelines for smart ordering and healthy practices when eating out.

1. Fast Food Does Not Mean Fried Food. In response to consumer demand, it’s increasingly easier to find healthy, convenient alternatives to fried foods on fast food menus. Opt for anything that is grilled, steamed, roasted, or baked, or try an entrĂ©e-sized salad (see Tip 2). And keep your eye out for leaner cuts of meats like skinless chicken breasts, turkey burgers, and beef sirloin. Other healthier menu options are bean burritos, a slice of veggie pizza, a salad or fruit bowl, or a deli sandwich on whole wheat bread.

2. Avoid High-Fat Add-Ons. Request salad dressing, sauce, cheese, or toppings on the side so you can apply sparingly, instead of drenching your meal in empty calories and through the roof sodium levels.

3. Mind the Portions. Restaurant portions have been growing in size for years (from large to enormous). In the 1950s, the average size of a hamburger was 1.5 ounces, while today’s burgers weigh in at around 8 ounces. Share entrees between your family or take the other half of it to go!

4. Drink Water. Soda, sweetened iced tea and lemonades, energy drinks and most juices are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and empty calories. Make H2O the beverage of choice for everyone, and skip the plastic bottles and Styrofoam cups by refilling your own container, like a stainless steel water bottle, with filtered water.

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