Monday, July 23, 2012

Rookie Runner Mistakes

Rookie Runner Mistakes

Running is one of the greatest activities to get involved in. The running community is very accepting and supportive of everyone involved. Running is an exercise that can be taken part of by everyone located in almost any location around the world. For running you don’t need access to gyms, expensive and numerous pieces of equipment or other people to play with. That’s one of the main beauties of running is that you can practically lace up a pair of shoes (or go barefoot), head out your front door and enjoy a nice run.

But possibly a big downfall for beginner runners is the relatively ease of getting into the sport. Many beginner runners find it easy to take up the sport and therefore often times do not find out exactly what it takes to actually become a runner. There are a few mistakes every new runner should plan to avoid when first taking up the sport. By properly planning for these areas and not making the same mistakes many new runners have made before, the beginner runner can drastically increase their chance for success in one of the greatest sports and exercises around.

1. Too Much too soon
The excitement that stems from a new goal often causes runners to ramp up weekly mileage before their bodies are ready.

2. Hitting the gas too fast
Speed workouts are a great tool for intermediate runners, but newbies don’t need to schedule hard, fast runs right of the bat.

3. Playing copycat
What works for one runner doesn’t necessarily work for another.

4. Buying cute shoes
Shoes are the most important running investment you can make, and it’s crucial that they fit your feet.

5. Monotonous training
All run and no plan can make you a very dull girl.

6. Making pace paramount
One of the biggest mistakes beginning runners make is paying too much attention to their watches, GPS devices and treadmill numbers.

7. Skipping strength and flexibility training
Investing in regular flexibility and strength work will help you run farther and stronger.

8. Ignoring your inner tweets
When you start to feel a niggling pain, listen.

9. Setting time goals
Let go of racing by time and pace and open yourself up to running your best race. First-time racers should have a goal of finishing upright with a smile.

10. Impatience
Becoming a new (or improved) runner takes time, and you can’t rush the process by cramming in workouts

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