Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Healthy Snacking

Satisfy your hunger between meals or after a workout with these simple, healthy, low-cal snacks.

It's 10 a.m., just a few hours past your early-morning workout and breakfast, and you're beginning to feel your energy take a nosedive. What do you need right now? No, not another cup of coffee -- you need a snack!

 But not just any old snack will do. You need a snack that's full of nutrients to power you through your between-meal stretch.

Fresh Bananas and ApplesLoaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber, fruit is great for times when you need a little energy boost. It's got vitamins, minerals, and good carbs, which give you quick energy. Choose any fruit you like -- bananas, apples, and oranges are easy to tote along with you since they don't need refrigeration. Berries, while not as portable, are also a great option, and are considered lower sugar fruits.
Recommended serving size: 1 piece of fresh fruit or 1 cup of chopped fruit or berries
Calories: 80-120, depending on the fruit

Yogurt and CerealWhen you need a bigger energy boost -- say, before a workout or when dinner is hours away -- yogurt is a great choice. Try sprinkling some crunchy cereal on top. You'll have the carbs in the yogurt and cereal for energy, and the protein from the yogurt, which makes you feel full longer.
Recommended serving size: 1 6-ounce container of yogurt
Calories: 100-200, depending on whether you choose a fat-free or lowfat yogurt

Red Peppers and Hummus
Forget the baby carrots and fat-free ranch dip! Instead, get creative with your veggies and add a source of protein like hummus for a satisfying snack. Vegetables offer good carbs and fiber, plus loads of nutrients and vitamins, which help fill you up and add nutrition to your diet. And hummus adds some protein to up the snack's staying power.
Recommended serving size: unlimited veggies and 1/4 cup hummus
Calories: About 100

Almonds and WalnutsBelieve it or not, these salty morsels make for a wonderful snack. They're packed with good fats, which help you stay full; fiber, and nutrients like selenium, vitamin E, and omega-3s.
Recommended serving size: 1 ounce of almonds or walnuts
Calories: 160-170

Soy CrispsSometimes you just want a snack-food type of snack. Soy crisps to the rescue! Made of puffed soy protein, they're "the salty, crunchy, snacky thing many of us want in a snack." And with about five grams of protein per serving, they have more staying power than a bag of regular chips or pretzels.
Recommended serving size: 1 2-serving bag (eat the whole thing!)
Calories: 140

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