Friday, September 21, 2012

Habits of Fit People

Habits of Fit People

1.) Stick to the same menu
Diet books give you tons of options hoping that you won’t get bored and that you’ll find something you love. But in real, every-day life, find choices that work, that you like and that you can look forward to. Don’t worry about having a stable of seventeen breakfasts. Find one or two you love.

2.) Start your day with fuel
You know how they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? The studies support it. People who maintain a healthy weight start off with lean protein. 

3.)  Have Priorities
Fit people make exercise a priority. Along with keeping a job, paying the bills and going to the doctor, exercise is an important part of their lives. What I’ve found is that fit people put exercise before leisure time. Sure, fit people enjoy leisure, but it is scheduled around their workout time.

 4.) Drink water
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. There is no alternative for pure, fresh clean water. Drinking enough water keeps your body functioning, your engine running and your skin glowing.

 5.) Eat small and eat often
You have to keep yourself fueled. Don’t let hours and hours pass before meals. Change your metabolism by eating consistently, and keeping your energy levels balanced.

 6.) Eat whole foods first
Aim for 80% of your calories to come from whole foods that are as close to nature as possible with minimal processing.

 7.) Become a food expert
Invest a little time to know a lot. By reading labels and educating yourself, you’ll soon be able to estimate calories, serving size and other important data. Read up on nutrition and learn how your body responds to various nutritional choices.

 8.) Be a careful eater vs. a dieter
Choose your food carefully, not obsessively.
Make room for treats by increasing exercise and planning them into your overall schedule. By eating carefully, you’ll feel good about your process and energized from eating well, instead of deprived due to rigid dieting.

 9.) Fill your home with healthy food
If it’s not in your house, you won’t eat it. Remember this when you shop. You can change your habits almost as easily as restocking your refrigerator. When there are plenty of healthy options that support your goals readily available, you’re not going to miss the junk.

10.) Be a politely picky restaurant patron
You absolutely can adapt restaurant options to support your nutritional strategies. Be extra polite, and ask for a few adaptations that will make your meal work for you.

11.) Don’t Eat and Watch
Fit people know that eating in front of the TV is mindless eating. When your attention is on your entertainment and not on your food, then you’ll be less tuned in to what and how much ends up in your mouth. Eating in front of the TV is also very habit forming. Ever notice how you crave munchies just as a reflex of sitting in front of the TV?
Eat before or after your entertainment and pay attention to what and how much goes into your mouth.

12.) Find something other than food to cope with your feelings
Much of our eating is not hunger-based. Learn the triggers that set you to snacking. By identifying the moments when you are most likely to nibble you can find alternative productive alternatives.

13.) They Are Supported
Fit people don’t leave their motivation to chance. They know that if their personal trainer, boot camp instructor or workout partner is waiting for them, then they are less likely to skip a workout. It is so easy to hit snooze or to talk yourself out of the gym as soon as your behind hits the couch after work. Fit people take the option of skipping out of the equation.

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