Friday, December 7, 2012

Cindy shares Tips to stay healthy during the Holidays!

Let's shed pounds and not gain them this holiday season!
Exercise is very important in maintaining a fit and healthy body and the holiday season is the worse time of the year for most people to keep fit. From Thanksgiving dinner in November through Christmas and New Year celebrations, the late autumn and early winter are the hardest times to keep slim and in shape. Many people put on weight during the holiday season and then struggle to lose it again.
Tips to stay healthy during the holidays
-Avoid temptation. If the break room at work is full of holiday treats throughout November and December, consider taking breaks at your desk, even better, use that time to take a walk down the street or simply around the office building.
-Eat a Healthy Breakfast. On the day of the party or big family feast, do not starve yourself prior to the banquet. That will only leave you so famished that you overindulge. Instead, eat small high-protein meals or snacks every three to four hours before the big dinner.
-Exercise-Just watching your diet alone will not lead to easy weight loss. For true fat loss, it is critical that you incorporate regular exercise during your holiday.
-Exercise Before Eating- Get in a good solid exercise session right before a big meal. It will increase your will power and your metabolism.

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