Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cindy Ross's Tips on Training for Adventure Racing

Cindy Ross’s Tips for Adventure Racing-
Most adventure racers workout five to six days a week, varying their workouts based upon what types of events they’ll be doing in a particular adventure race.
Running is a good way to build aerobic capacity.  Also, get used to doing a variety of sports–biking, paddling, running. Log some miles and don’t skimp on your training–you’ll be sorry on the race course.
Give your body 16 weeks of training to prepare for the race. Use the first 10 weeks to master each skill needed to complete the race. Once you get to week 11, you can start trying to increase your time for better results. The week before the race, start tapering down your training, rest, and prepare for race day.
Tips to become a good paddler-
Paddle with your arms locked completely straight throughout the entire stroke. This forces you to use your torso and midsection for power (via the back and forth twisting and untwisting of your body, much like a washing machine rotor) versus relying on your manly arms. Make sure to do lots of core training and row like exercises. Ex. Weighted bar rows
Get out on the water…in kayaks and in canoes. Try different boats and positions. You need to get out at least once a week.
Tips to become a good runner-
Start slow and make sure you are using proper form so you do not injure yourself.
It is very important to have good shoes, and be fitted by an expert. If you end up with blisters and shin splints, your body will not be happy on the race course.
Try to increase your mileage each time you run, the more the better! You should build up to long runs of about 13 miles.
Tips to become a better biker-
Most of your training for an adventure race should be on a mountain bike on mountain bike trails. Weekends are probably the best for this training but you should start with some 5-10 mile trail rides and build up to 30 mile rides. Weekly mileage should be between 25-50 miles.

-Train like a triathlete because that is what an adventure race sort of is (Joel Friel's Triathlete's Training Bible)
-Use a good recovery drink for post workout - I like Endurox R4
-Get lots of sleep
-Drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day; the more the better
-If you can, get a weekly message to work out the soreness and lactic acid buildup
-Don't forget to stretch
-Perform weight training and endurance training on separate days if possible.

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