Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fat to Fit 3 Month Makeover Testimony from Heather Harp

Good morning everyone!!!

My friend Deanna inspired me to create the Fat to Fit 3 Month Makeover... I knew a few of my friends needed to change their workouts up so I sent it to three of them, since then we have created an ongoing conversation between the 4 of us on Facebook just keeping everyone accountable. My friend and business partner Heather Harp really wanted to change the way her body was looking. She wanted more shapely arms and shoulders and tone overall body.
This is before and after 3 weeks ago and she is doing fantastic and feeling great!

Way to go Heather, keep up the great work... and keep us updated on your progress!


  1. Impressive transformation in three weeks. Way to go Heather!


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