Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Thoughts.... running, friends, and life!

I hope everyone had a great week.. not even going to lie, this week I felt the stress of our new gym opening and those deadlines are screaming down my throat. I have been needing new runners and by the time I am done with work everyday, I am too tired to stop by my favorite running store Run-N-Tri. 
After a very hectic Wednesday and Thursday, stopped in and look at my goodies. 
These Brooks feel like a million bucks. I have some pain in my right foot that I have been fighting since Jan, and these shoes really support my arch.... happy feet!
Aaron wanted me to try out these Asics Gel- Exert Cross-trainers... He says they give a lot of support for classes like Boot Camp & Cross-fit.
Tried them yesterday afternoon and the support they provide when doing my HIIT workout was so much more than I get with my runners. Use your running shoes to run in, that's it! When your husband asks, "Cindy, why do you need a pair of shoes for each activity?" You tell them that shoes are designed to support you doing that specific activity. So ladies, don't feel bad for having multiple pair of shoes, rejoice in the fact that you are that active and need a variety of shoes for support :)

and I must not forget my dear Swiftwick friends, if you haven't tried these socks.. you are missing out. The way they hug your feet and give you support during your workouts, AhhhhhhhMazing!

Let me get back to my run, so I strap on my new runners, and let me tell you, I could have run 4EVER! After the week I had, I belted out 8 miles like it was nothing. It reminded me of how much Running is my Therapy! For you runners out there, you know what I am talking about. After a run, you can throw anything my way and I can handle it. Wednesday, Jason calls and I am venting, he says, "baby, YOU SHOULD GO FOR A RUN!" If you know whats good for you, allow me time to run!

My good friend Trey drops in for a visit, haven't seen him since returning from deployment in Afghanistan. Life is so busy and we are caught up with our own things, it's nice to be reminded of true friendships. 

I must update you on my bird Fiona.. I am so in love with this little guy!
Who knew there were so many options for a bird cage when it comes to toys.. I am most positive Fiona felt like it was Christmas. Let me tell you my funny story... as I am cleaning his cage and arranging his new items, Fiona decides to take flight for the first time since I brought him home. Remember, my dog Matilda is petrified of cats and unsure of what the bird is, but knows she should be scared. Fiona meows like a cat, so Matilda thinks the cats are inside all the time. Well, when Fiona took flight, guess where he landed, on top of Matilda.. My dog was like this......

Xmas shopping for my Fiona
It was the funniest thing ever, so now Fiona is getting comfortable, he just waddles around the kitchen and is now hanging out on Jason's shoulder :)
Jason & Fiona, please excuse Jason's appearance,
been working on new

Yesterday was this distinguished man's birthday, my daddy! He turned 70 and definitely doesn't look like it. He is my Willie Nelson. I am so thankful to be in  his life celebrating this milestone with him.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! And remember when Life throws you lemons....

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