Sunday, July 6, 2014

Keeping on Track with your Fitness Goals while Traveling!

My good friend Arbie is traveling right now and struggling to stay on track. So I thought I would share this to help and if you have any future travels ahead for the summer, make sure to copy this down.

My business partner, Heather Harp and I traveled out to California many times over the past year and to save money and eat healthy, this is how we did it. We got rooms either with a fridge or a kitchen (Marriott Residence Inn's rock!)
We buy plastic bags and plastic utensils, every morning we would cook and pack for the day! I hope you are entertained by our pictures. First trip heather would prepare the salads and I would run downstairs to the lobby microwave and cook eggs.. we definitely winged it and stayed on target with our training and eating clean.

Tips for Keeping on Track with your Fitness Goals While Traveling

1. Take out a pen and paper and write down what food you will need to bring with you.
2. Bring a cooler to store all of it in.
3. Ask for a fridge and a microwave in your room.

4. Go to the local market and get yourself some must-haves for your room. (Protein, Fruit, Veggies, Almond Milk)
5. Scope out the hotel website and check to see if they have a gym on location or nearby that you can drop into. Change of scenery is always good.

Always ask for a fridge, we were able to fit food for 2 people

Heather eating on floor of hotel room 
No plates don't worry, buy ziploc bags and plastic forks, Cindy eating breakfast

6. Plan out what you will do and when based on your schedule
7. Bring some resistant bands and a jumprope with you for in-room training
8. Don't forget to pack your running shoes, gym clothes, and a magic bullet if you have one so you can make smoothies on the go!

Worked out daily!

This would be our wine mishap, or should I say Heather's

Shopping at the local market

This cooler went everywhere with us, even during business meetings we would pull it out and snack :)

So No Excuses when you are Traveling!

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