Monday, July 28, 2014

Motivational Monday's & More

I hope everyone had a great weekend, as we are closing in on our opening date of the new Bodies By Cindy now 1 week away... it was definitely a work weekend! I did make time for my workouts, including a cleanup day for the city at Medal of Honor Park

I love seeing the people come together to make Mobile a cleaner city to live in. I am always curious to what other cities are doing to improve their parks and become a healthier city.. give me some feedback! :)

With all of this work, it hasn't left time for one of my favorite things.. cooking! So last night I made a Chicken Stroganoff and Jason was a happy boy! For the past 4 mornings he has left the cook top on, he says its a hint for me to start cooking

I would post the recipe for this, but I have decided for my first cooking show on WALA/Studio 10 next Tuesday that I would make this dish. So I promise, recipe soon!

My good friend Sue that is on the One Fit Mobile board with me, heard I may be getting some good news, and dropped off a bottle of champagne. So the day the news is received you will see a post of the empty bottle and the announcement  :)

Last night we started the move over to the new facility.. It's amazing the things you accumulate over the years. Right behind my arm in this picture is the first article ever written about my story. Such wonderful memories. We get so caught up in the everyday running the business, we forget how we got there.
New Image for Bodies By Cindy, I love this!

I worked all weekend voicing over videos for the Video Platform launching August 4, 2014. You can train with me anywhere in the world!

This little guy likes my diet! Carrots, Carrots, and more Carrots.. Fiona has already become spoiled. <3

Representing Mobile Fixture.. If you guys live in the area and love to cook, seriously they have some great gadgets to make your meals spectacular!

I hope you guys have an awesome Monday, I want to leave you with some words of encouragement today!

Cindy Lane Ross

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