Monday, August 18, 2014

Fat to Fit Motivational Monday

I haven't actually blogged in the past couple of weeks, tons of things happening....
First of all the NEW Bodies By Cindy Health & Fitness Center is NOW Open!
It has been a crazy 16 weeks and I think everyone is settling in well and I see smiling faces :)

We are now a full functioning gym with 8,000 sq ft of space to better serve our clients!

I finally launched the Fat to Fit Online Fitness Platform

After two years of working on my online fitness platform, it is finally done! 
No matter where you are in the world, you can train with me online. I have all the tools you need for you to achieve your fitness goals!

My new cooking and fitness shows started on Fox10 on Tuesdays @ 9am on Studio 10.
Love this crew, they are amazing and so organized! 

In the Kitchen with Bodies By Cindy
Get Fit with Bodies By Cindy

I have been on a few National Radio Interviews

Starting tomorrow I will be a regular on America's Morning News every Tuesday @ 6:45am Central

I always like getting the positive out first, now for the bad... last Saturday night my father which is a Type 1 Diabetec was at the Casinos and he went into Cardiac Arrest and died for 4 minutes. After they revived him it led to life support and a coma. Being in Biloxi Regional for 36 hours, they told us dad would be a vegetable and have heart damage. I got my father transferred back to Mobile into Providence Hospital. Dad came off life support and woke up, had a heart cath on Tuesday and a triple bypass with a stint on Tuesday. A wonderful group of doctors working on him, big shout out to Citrin, Rhiner, and Gupta. Dad has been in CCU since Monday and yesterday morning his blood pressure crashed to 56/32 and we found out he has a blood clot in the lungs. After everything he has been through, his attitude is wonderful and he is happy he is alive. He will remain in CCU for another week and we all hope he continues to recover.

This is a picture of a will to live and having a purpose on this earth! I love this man! My dad is stable in CCU at providence and all doctors say he is a very lucky man!

He is definitely my Motivational Monday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday! 

Cindy Lane Ross

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