Monday, October 13, 2014

Motivational Monday & The Celebration of MY Birthday!

Happy Monday and what better day to get the week started, today I celebrate my birthday! 37 years Wise today!

Blessed for so many friendships!

 Birthdays are always a good time for reflection on how far you have come and what you have accomplished over the years! I am blessed beyond words, not for the things I have but for the relationships I have established and all the wonderful people I have acquired in my life over time. 

I was at a seminar yesterday and I listened to a retired Professional Football player speak, Kory Minor, he said " Get up each day and just be HAPPY!" He is right, all the negativity and complaining will just suck the life out of you, so today just Get UP & BE HAPPY! You have one life, make the most of every second!
Having a dream for a healthier city led to the creation of One Fit Mobile!

Thankful & Blessed I have another year!


Cindy Lane Ross

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