Monday, October 6, 2014

Motivational Monday- When life gives you lemons, lets make LEMONADE! :)

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had much needed fun after a lot of bad news. Broken ribs, good friend falling off a roof and in ICU, and one of our trainer's mom passing away definitely made for a tough week.
Bay Fest was in town and we got to hang out with our friends and enjoy good music! Kid Rock, Amos Lee, Joan Jett to name a few.. Last week I had a couple of doctor appointments after breaking a couple of ribs on vacation. A continuation from my swimming post, which didn't go so well, not only because I am a horrible swimmer, but also for the fact that my ribs are killing me with every move. 

 So after learning that I have osteoporosis and this is the reasoning my ribs were broken so easily. I am having to change things up a bit. I love to run, it's a feeling I can't describe but because there is fear I may fracture my femur or break a hip, my running days are behind me or at-least until I build my bones back. Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis and being post menopause now for almost 15 years after a full hysterectomy when I was 23 has left my bones very weak.

We all need motivation from time to time and getting over this hump of having to change my workouts up is going to be tough.. I have a cardio mind.. love cardio, not a huge fan of weights. The doctors say weights now and less cardio for bone strength.

So Today begins a new journey.. I am taking it one day at a time. For me its going to be about how I feel, its a quality of health and I try and remind my clients of this daily... a dose of my own medicine. My plan for stronger bones: Pro Bono- which is 11 pills daily

Adjustment in my hormones which include Testosterone, Estrogen, DHEA, & Progesterone. And apparently lots of weights at the gym.  I will be working on my swimming skills with my good friend and Ironman Triathlete Larisa Dixon, and the Arch Trainer will become my new HIGH! 
Last week as I get the news and I am overcome with emotions, I think to myself Osteoporosis for my soon to be 37th Birthday??? 
I remind myself we are all in control of own health.. you can be on the good side of genetics or the bad! I choose the GOOD side!

Lastly I cooked this delicious meal last night which was Chicken & Sweet Potatoes which I am now adding back into my diet after 4 years of being a Pescatarian... Recipe coming soon!

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