Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Fat to Fit Radio Show with Cindy Lane Ross & Larisa Dixon

Larisa and I had the opportunity to have an amazing guest and old time friend of mine on the Fat to Fit Radio show this morning. If you missed it we talked to the amazing ultrarunner Kelly Agnew of Slipping Slowly Into Pain.

Kelly just completed the White Rim Trail 100 miler UNASSISTED! Yeah with no help or aid along the course. This was what they call an FKT (Fastest Known Time) attempt. The previous record was 27 hours. Kelly finished it in 21:52, over 5 hours quicker than the record. AMAZING!

What makes Kelly's story so unique is that he wasn't always a runner. I met him on vacation years ago and he then decided he was going to start running. Who knew he was going to become one of the best ultrarunners around. To read more on Kelly check out his blog at Slipping Slowly Into Pain.

Fat to Fit Radio has a lot of really awesome things happening soon, so stay tuned.
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