Friday, November 7, 2014

Off to the WOW Summit...

WOW Summit 2014 in Orlando. It's going to be a great weekend in sunny Florida!
Had a scary ride on the prop plane down but made is safely. :)

Make sure you follow me all weekend, lots of pics and great information!

Can't wait to try and review all the great products from the sponsors of the WOW Summit 2014
Sponsored by:
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 Already meeting fellow bloggers! The weekend is full of educational workshops for healthier living. 

And I may have inspired someone today to begin their journey for a healthy new body! I will be following you over the next several months  Mardesia Bullock Chauvin!

Afternoon workout in the best gym I have ever seen at a resort or hotel! Way to go Caribe Royal Orlando!

More to come.....
Cindy Lane Ross

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