Monday, December 8, 2014

Brain Power Benefits from Yoga & Meditation

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Brain Power Benefits from Yoga & Meditation

          Yoga and meditation are both known for mindful teaching techniques of calming and relaxation. New research has found that not only can these calm you they can also greater influence your computer skills. A new study by the University of Minnesota researched the patterns of two groups. The study groups consisted of 12 people who practiced regularly yoga and meditation and 24 people who had little or no yoga and meditation experience. The study focused on the participants brain activity during their movement with the computer cursor across the computer screen. The results showed those who did yoga and meditation regularly learned three times faster than those who had little or no experience with either. Results also showed they were twice as likely to finish the task after 30 trials compared to the group with little or no experience. Studying the brain side can work as a valuable tool for reducing obstacles for brain-computer interface success in early stages. Researchers are confident the findings by the new study will help doctors assist physically disabled and paralyzed individuals who rely on their mental muscle to operate devices. The goal is to help those who are paralyzed or have brain diseases regain their independence with mobility.

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