Thursday, December 4, 2014

Eight Tips for Running with Diabetes

As promised by the Fat To Fit Radio Show...

Tips for Running with Diabetes
"Walk like you have three men behind you." -Oscar de la Renta

1. Check with your Doctor first. People with diabetes should always check with their healthcare providers before deciding to become more physically active beyond walking. Good health is primary and you want to make sure that you are not at risk for cardiovascular, orthopedic, or other problems.

2. Walk First Then Run. Start by walking and build into running. Walk purposely for about a half an hour then combine walking and jogging, and steadily increase the jogging.

3. Footwear is important. Buy shoes that fit well and are appropriate for running. Talk with an expert and do your research before buying a good pair of shoes.

4. Dress Accordingly. Always wear a reflective vest if you are walking or running at night. The best way to dress while walking or running is in layers. A good way to help with perspiration is to wear absorbent materials close to the skin and wear an outer layer to help protect you from the wind and other elements.

5. Find a good Support Person/Workout Partner. Join a community running group to meet people with the same interest. Invite a friend, neighbor, or colleague and go for walks or jogs during your lunch break. If running a marathon is something that interests you plan to do it with someone who has the experience and has done it before.

6. Set a Goal. Plan a head and set goals for yourself. No matter how big or small for example a five-kilometer road race for charity.

7. Managing your Diabetes. Stay on top of measuring your blood sugar before and after the activity (and during it, if needed). Pack a head a juice, a sports drink, a piece of fruit, or glucose tablets. Keep up with a training log that records your miles and your glucose readings.

8. Listening to your body's needs. Starting slow, being consistent, and managing your diabetes are the best way to see progress with your health and fitness.

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