Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Alabama Coastal Foundation

As Promised by the Fat To Fit Radio Show...

The Alabama Coastal Foundation

The Fat to Fit Radio Show had the pleasure of having Mark Berte from the Alabama Coastal Foundation in the studio with us. Mark spoke to us about The Alabama Coastal Foundation and what they strive to do in our community. The ACF's main goal is to create a healthy balance between the conservation needs of our priceless coastal resources and the inevitable pressures of economic growth. They work to encourage responsible citizen action and offer opportunities for individuals to play a vital role in preserving the environment and our coastal way of life. They accomplish this mission by providing reliable, well-researched data, promoting public dialogue, and advocating community action. The ACF seeks to establish common ground amongst government sectors, local business, major industry, grassroots groups and individual citizens. This enables them to work together in addressing coastal conservation issues. They are committed to addressing priority environmental issues throughout the region to preserve and protect our coastal way of life.​ We all have the ability and responsibility to preserve our coastal way of life. 

Go here to volunteer!!volunteer/c5z7

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