Thursday, October 8, 2015

Five of the Most Frequently Asked Gym Questions

Five of the Most Frequently Asked Gym Questions 

When joining a new gym it is normal to have many questions in order to feel comfortable about the workout environment. We all want to look our best in the shortest amount of time but may need more assistance in order to reach our goals.

1. For any personal trainer the #1 question asked by new members is: "How quickly will I see results?"Ok people let's be honest... the more you apply yourself the quicker you will see results. However we are discussing modifying the body's physique. Therefore no person no matter how amazing their genetics are, no one will see results overnight. But a weekly workout routine will yield positive results you and everyone else will see changes beginning in about 2 weeks. 

2. Another concern new beginners have is, "Will I be shown how to use the equipment?" Fitness center employees and personal trainers will always give new and seasoned gym members full explanation of proper equipment technique. The purpose of a gym is it improve your body's size and overall health. No gym wants anyone to get hurt by misuse of equipment. 

3.  "Should I lift weights first or do cardio exercise first?" This is a common question that many personal trainers get. However this question can best be answered by the client. Your personal goals are what dictate the style of workout best to produce the results you want. Discuss your goals with a personal trainer in order to have the best workout built to reach your goals. 

4. One of the questions on any gym members mind is, "How long will the results last?" Well let's think about this question. When you maintain a healthy energetic lifestyle you will retain a fit, tone, healthy looking body. So if you stop going to the gym or slow down on daily exercise your body's metabolism  can slow down causing the body to retain water and fats. Therefore think of the gym as part of your lifestyle and you will have lasting results. 

5.  Lastly, the question that should never be on our minds but is, "Can I cancel my membership at any time?" First, why would you want to cancel? You want to achieve your goals and reaching those goals means making a lifestyle change. So nix this question from your mind. However if other factors cause such as job relocation cause the need for membership cancellation, discuss this with your gym manager.  Every gym has different rules regarding membership and cancellation. It is helpful to know your gym's policies when signing a new membership. 

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