Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to Keep Kids Active During Summer

Schools out for summer and kids are excited to leave the homework and studying behind them for a few months. But keep in mind that through the excitement, boredom is just on the horizon. 

Daily routines that go along with being on a school schedule can knock a family off balance and children don’t really know what to do to pass their long days. “There’s nothing to do,” and “It’s too hot to be outside,” are common phrases parents don’t like to hear. 

Are you one of these parents who ask what can keep your child / children active during summer?

Put the fun back into your kid’s summer break with these suggestions:

Summer Camp- is your child involved in a club or a sport that offers a week of camp? Camp is a great social experience for children and can introduce your child to outside interests, which is great for development. 

Community Outreach-  instill a sense of community by getting your kids involved in an outreach project. Something as small as cleaning the beach can make your kids feel like their part of their community.

Fitness Camp- Bodies By Cindy has an excellent program set up for kids and their parents called Kids Camp. For children between the ages of 6 -12, Kids Camp is a four-week program starting June 13th on Mondays & Tuesdays at 8:30 am.

Library time- All local libraries have discovery days and learning sessions for kids of all ages. Getting involved in independent learning is a good foundation to establish and one that will carry them through their scholarly days. Reading a good book on a hot summer day by the pool is priceless.

Summer Contests- Local venues, such as art galleries and museums, encourage children in their community to participate in the arts and sciences through contests. These places also hold camps that can run anywhere from one day to one month.

For more information and pricing for the Bodies By Cindy Kids Camp, contact us today.


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