Saturday, July 30, 2016

Balance: Body and Mind

Once your workout is over and you’ve gone home from the gym, your mental clarity and overall feeling of wellbeing is at its peak. Hours later, after the wellbeing has worn off and you’re back to the same pre-workout stress levels, balance may seem like an unattainable goal.

We want to share with you how to continue the mind-body connection you get from post workouts. Focusing first on how you’re fueling your body will provide insight into your energy level. 

To help you get started, you can begin an online search for how to eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet on a daily basis. Doing so only benefits your body chemistry and move you one step closer to an overall feeling of wellbeing.  Our friends at Balance provide food prep service for dine in, delivery and carry out meal plans.

Learning the type of food that will continue to provide your body with energy can be a challenge and to begin a meal plan with Balance could be a great way to begin your journey to making that lifestyle change. 

What you can expect from the service at Balance: Meals are prepared from scratch each week with locally sourced proteins and organic produce. Balance likes to keep it interesting, so the menu changes weekly. To see the Balance diet plans and to begin your order, click here

To achieve an overall sense of wellness, and try a new workout, visit our yoga classes.
The instructors will always guide you with compassion and respect. See our class schedule here.


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