Friday, August 12, 2016

Product Knowledge: Young Living Essential Oils

Over the past two weeks, you’ve learned that one of the new owners of BBC, Rachel Holley, is also a distributor and leader for Young Living Essential Oils. If you’re not already familiar with these essential oils and the therapeutic quality of certain oils, then the information should be beneficial. 

To begin, the process of a finished oil can be more involved than you may imagine. There’s a science to making quality products and processes cannot be skipped.  Young Living’s method for making the oil is through a process called steam distilling or with a cold press method from “seed to seal.”

The end result is an oil in the purest and most effective form. Also, it is unlike those we’d generally find in the local drug stores or discount stores, just as Rachel explained to Cindy during her Fast 5 interview.

To learn more about how Young Living Essential Oils can benefit you, watch the following video. Please contact us for your personal assessment.

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