Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Never Miss a Workout Again with These 4 Fitness Apps

In the world of fitness, change is usually a good thing. We understand that sometimes you just need to shake things up, and this is especially true if you’ve hit a plateau or want to upgrade your fitness level. 

If you’re open to experimenting with a new program, then we recommend trying one of these fitness apps. Download and follow the system for a great way to test-drive a new fitness plan or to make an assessment on if a change is needed. Two of our suggestions can be incorporated with your routine at Bodies By Cindy. 

      1. Fitocracy-  A favorite among workout planners and trainers, this app lets you set how many reps and sets you wants to hit at the gym. If you’re trying to increase your level of fitness, using Fitocracy will help you keep track your changes.  By logging your weights, sets, and reps, over a period of time you will have a comprehensive log that you can refer to.

      2. My Fitness Pal- app works alongside most fitness trackers to help you record the steps taken throughout the day, cardio minutes, and strength training minutes. You need to records reps and sets, but the fit tracker will record an estimate of how many calories you burned. 

      If fit trackers aren’t your thing, no worries. You’ll find that entering workout and meals easy. Many doctors recommend this app to their patients who have hit a plateau.


       3. Daily Yoga- For morning when you can’t hit the gym or for those moments when an at- home workout suits your daily schedule, use Daily Yoga. This app has 500 yoga poses with instructions and over 50 sessions with background music. Three levels to choose your experience level.

      4.Strong Lifts-  This easy and effective weight lifting syst helps you build muscle and get stronger while burning fat. 

       Three exercises, three times a week, 45 minutes per workout. User of the app say it’s like having a trainer in your pocket. 


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