Sunday, August 12, 2018

10 Weeks Bikini Competition Prep

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Yesterday marked 10 weeks until the OCB Battle on the Beach Show
This is 2 weeks difference. 

Feeling stronger every week and loving the grind.

My Prep Coach, Christian Simmons is changing things up! New Plan starts today; 
Cardio and Meal Plan changes
  • More cardio begins this week
  • Fewer Carbs
  • Waist Cincher
  • Fat Burner

1 Week Difference

 We had a little fun this weekend... Florabama, Paddleboarding, Lunch at Cobalt's here in Orange Beach and lots of workouts :) I will have to say this is the first time I have ever walked in Florabama and ordered water! lol

Thank you to this guy for all the support and encouragement. It makes a world of difference knowing you have my back.

Loving the progression in abs, this week added in 30 min weighted ab workout. 

 I ordered my suit, jewelry, robe and more this weekend... Super excited to show it off on stage. Thanks, Muscle Dazzle :) Also tanning appt is secured the day prior

We will become one over the next 10 weeks... can't wait to see the inches go! Hurry and send Angel Curves!

And last but not least... meet Dana, my posing coach for the show! Thanks for all the great advice and the new moves. Practice, Practice, Practice...

Jason & Dana at Omni... 1st posing session this past week :)
Joints are doing good even with the heavy lifting, touched base with my favorite Rheumatologist this week and got the thumbs up. Stay tuned, more results coming soon.
Cindy Lane Ross

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