Sunday, August 19, 2018

9 Weeks until OCB Battle On The Beach!


What a week... meal plan changed, workouts increased, and balancing work!

Every day waking up at 3am to get my day started has me exhausted by Thursday. Happy to say I slept 10 hours Friday night :) I am definitely craving more sleep these days.

My jewelry arrived for the show this week from All That Glitters Gems, can't wait to wear it on stage.

Christian, my coach, has me wearing a waist cincher pretty much from here out unless I'm sleeping. Really love them, ordered from Angel Curves. I bought 2 actually, one with a bit more flexibility for the gym and one during the day which is a bit tighter.

Angel Curves-Waist Trimmer

I think one of the biggest challenges is the meal prep, thankful I work from home, but the days I have errands and meetings requires more prep work to make sure I eat enough food and on time.

Loving you G Hughes... you make my days brighter!

Special occasions eating out has me pleading with the servers around Orange Beach, no butter, no seasoning, no

Celebrating my good friend Jim's Birthday today.

I am definitely getting stronger and more comfortable with agility type of exercises. Jumping lunges, used to hate, now has become one of my favorites.

Started a fat burner stack this week, all natural of course! I love the energy it gives me, definitely in the afternoon.

Stricter meal plan, more workouts, waist cinchers, and fat burners... check!!!

Bought a Stairmaster Stepper this week for my home gym, LOVE!

Here is my check-in... weight isn't budging much yet, but definitely looking leaner. :)

Top Pics 8/12/18 - Bottom Pics today 8/19/18

Hope you guys have a great week and I will touch base again soon! xoxo
Cindy Lane Ross

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