Sunday, September 23, 2018

4 WEEKS TO GO until the OCB Battle on the Beach Bodybuilding Competition

Everyone keeps asking me if I am loving the process, am I ready for it to be over, so do I love working out this much...

Thanks, Angel Curves, still loving my waist cincher. Current measurements: 22" waist 

Let me say I absolutely LOVE the process! I needed this discipline in my life and if you knew me when I played professional tennis in my teens it would look a lot like this :)

I will continue this journey and I decided I want this in my life. I have my eyes set on a competition in June of 2019 and I will work to put muscle on so I can move up to Figure division.

I do love working out this much, am I tired... some hours of the day I get pretty sleepy but overall I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my life, so YES... I love working out this much.

So we hit 4 weeks until the competition. Yesterday my posing coach drove from Panama City, Florida to meet with my coach from Mobile and we had a whole morning here working out, eating, and posing at the Orange Beach Recreation Center.

2nd week of Keto this week... was way better than last week and my body responded well with 4.5lb weight loss. I felt depleted by end of the week but today started the refueling process before the final push. Coach Christian says to enjoy it, calorie deficient after Wednesday :) I'm probably one of his only clients who complain about too many carbs :)

Today was Gluten Free Pancakes, Rice, Rice Cakes, Sweet Potatoes... most carbs of my life :)

My transformation on KETO...Have you tried KETO before, it's absolutely amazing how your body responds... 

Something exciting that happened this week, we bought a new boat. Check it out and we launched Island Time Tours & Charters as well.

Being thicker last year was definitely cheaper... went into the Martin Center this week to have my face injected with Botox and fillers.

Today was my refueling day and somewhat of a REST day... I traded barbells for Yoga this morning so I can work on my stretching and loosening up my back for the poses I need to hit on stage.
Enjoyed sitting on the balcony, taking my time to get ready, enjoying the morning with my hubby!

Jason and I drinking coffee on the balcony #sundayfunday

Orange Beach Yoga
We also did date night at my favorite restaurant in Orange Beach, Cobalt's... the sunset was just WOW! #ilivewhereyouvacation
They did a superb job of dry salad and no seasoned fish so I could stay on target with my meal plan, thank guys!

Check-in this morning... 14.8% Body Fat, 126.8lbs 
Hard Work. Discipline. Consistency. = Magic Pill

Until next Sunday, you guys have a great week!
Cindy Lane Ross
This is the sleepy face of 4am on a Saturday morning :)

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