Sunday, September 9, 2018

6 Weeks until OCB Battle On The Beach

6 Weeks Until OCB Battle on the Beach

It's been a great week, really loving every minute of the prep so far! 

Loving the calluses :)
So this week Tropical Storm Gordon came ashore, definitely enjoyed the rainy days resting on the couch between workouts.

Went into Mobile to workout with my "Coach" Christian Simmons this week, turning up the leg workouts. Old school Hamstring Curls and Squats focusing on the glutes :)

Got to meet my brother for lunch in Mobile, I was accused of bringing a lunchable LOL #mealprep

Lunch with my big brother! 

HIIT workouts in the AM & PM now, loving the definition in my legs. I swear every day I wake up to a new muscle I didn't know existed!

This was a fun one, thanks Jill!

I did one of my HIIT workouts from Bodies By Cindy this week.
One of my fav exercises and I am now the proud owner of my very own AB Dolly ;)

One of my many evening HIIT workouts

My friend Jill is competing in the Figure division and we drove down to Panama City, Florida on Friday to meet with our new posing coach Jenny Rodriguez. It was a long day and led to a late-night workout at Gulf Breeze Aerobics & Fitness on the way home.

Posing practice at Impact Fitness in Panama City, Florida.
Cindy, Jenny, and Jill 

Stairmaster 9:30pm Friday night, getting it done!
All these travel days lead to lots of meal prepping in the kitchen. 

I started new plan yesterday and we are doing KETO for the next couple of weeks, my fav!

Today I was told to take off, my first OFF day in 9 1/2 weeks, I haven't moved from the couch :) Check out this beautiful sunrise this morning.

Check-In 6 Weeks Out 

Top Row- July 30
Middle Row- August 12
Last Row- September 8

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! See you next week :) #consistency

Cindy Lane Ross

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