Monday, December 17, 2018

Life is full of "what if" moments...

Life is full of '"what if" moments...

The moment before you try to lose weight AGAIN... 

"What if this doesn't work? Will I be stuck feeling this way?"

The moment before going to the gym for the first time... 

"What if people stare at me and start laughing?"

The moment before stepping on the scales each week... 

"What if I've put weight on? I'll be so deflated."

What if you thought about life's moments in a different way?

What if you stop complaining and took action?... 

That moment could change your life...

What if you took responsibility for your decisions and realized you're the one in control? 

That moment would be a breakthrough...

What if you chose your own happiness over what others think?... 

That moment would set you free...

What if you stopped thinking about "what if" and started enjoying life's moments?

“I would rather never give up on my dreams and end up disappointed than give up on myself.”

What if you Clicked This Link and truly changed your life...

10 things you can control RIGHT NOW!

  • How much you smile.
  • Who you follow.
  • How you treat others.
  • How you talk to yourself. 
  • What you eat.
  • What you wear.
  • How you experience stress. 
  • Whether you ask for help or not.
  • When you go to bed. 
  • The "What if's" you ask yourself.

As we begin 2019, BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! What matters most is "NOW"!
P.S... Life has many moments ahead. Enjoy them... Don't fear them! 

Cindy Lane Ross

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