Monday, March 18, 2019

8 Weeks Out until show time and a recap of a busy week :)

Hi guys,
I hope everyone had a splendid Monday!
Just my update for the week...

So far breezing through contest prep, love the structure and happy to be back in the grind! 
Cutting calories, upping cardio, and workouts are still strong.

One of my favorite quotes of the week!

Afternoon cardio session

Fun St. Paddy's Day with one of my besties! Gene Seymore, the door guy at Choppers!
There is a new sheriff in town 😂

I wrapped up my first thesis paper of the semester, Zac Brown Band concert, celebrated St. Paddy's Day and we got our yearly physical this past week. 

I don't know why I am always a nervous wreck getting a physical, everything came back great and I would have to say I am the healthiest I have ever been. I took myself off of Humeria a little over a year ago and decided to see if I could manage my Rheumatoid Arthritis with diet and exercise. 

16 months later my joints feel great, managing the pounds, lifting heavy ass weights, and not looking back! 
Thanks, Fran, this has become my favorite shoulder exercise! 

I feel so blessed to be studying my passion and sharing what I learn with my clients, definitely exciting times and looking forward to how many people I can help with balancing hormones and combating auto-immune diseases. 

My thesis paper is on Phytoestrogen Foods Help Menopausal Women Naturally Balance Hormones. 
Check out my site on this topic-

I'm also gearing up to launch Life Wellness Forever's podcast in the coming months- topics will vary on nutrition, fitness, hormone balancing, fad diets, autoimmune diseases, chronic illnesses and more! If there is something you would love to learn more about, I would love to know!

Top 8 Weeks out 2018
Bottom 8 Weeks out 2019 and the suit fits! 
Here is my 8-week check-in. Huge difference in the backside from last season, Thanks Christian Simmons for the great coaching! 

I also purchased a new suit from Muscle Dazzle for the 2019 Season, can't wait to see it! 
Here's a sneak preview...

A shout out to my own book this week, lots of nutrition tips and recipes, check it out!

And... I even took time out to enjoy a morning on the beach and a beautiful sunset in this busy week.
Orange Beach, Alabama

I couldn't ask for more, love this life! 
I hope everyone has a great week 😊
Love & Hugs,
Cindy Lane Ross

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