Monday, March 25, 2019

Thunder Thighs!

Hi guys...

Well, I am dedicating this blog to all the women who have thunder thighs...
I have battled my legs my entire life and after a year of heavy weight training and lots of stair climbing, I am happy to say, I am proud to have "In Shape" Thunder Thighs. Ladies, it's time to work!

I spent countless hours running for years trying to get the cellulite off my thighs and it never worked. It didn't matter how thin I became, I could still see dimples. 👎

Don't be afraid of the weights as I once was! I have always been scared to grow my legs because I was teased throughout my life for having "Thunder Thighs".

7 Weeks from Battle on the Bluff and I'm still feeling great. 40 min of stair climbing a day plus weight training and I'm netting around 800 calories a day after my workouts.

Afternoon Cardio Session

Who is else is thrilled Summer is approaching, I could spend every minute of every day outside.
Really looking forward to enjoying the season here in Orange Beach.

I'm getting questions daily about supplements, nutrition, and my workouts.
I promise to start working on more videos time permitting to start helping you towards your fitness goals. If you have a question, send it my way and I will do my best to address it.

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A great quote I came across during my podcast hour at the gym
"It's better to be pulled by your dreams, rather than pushed by your problems."

A very interesting book I am reading this week- Eating Between the Lines

I hope everyone has a great week and as always I greatly appreciate your following along in my journey!

7 Week Check-In!
Top-7 Weeks 2018
Bottom- 7 Weeks 2019

Hugs & Love,
Cindy Lane Ross

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