Sunday, April 7, 2019

It’s Never too Late to be Great- How I Rose Above Auto-Immune Disease to Compete in My First Contest

Thank you Beverly for the feature in your publication-
From No Nonsense Magazine- Vol 23 #1

I hope to inspire everyone to live to their fullest and happiest potential. I tell people of all ages, —“It’s never too late to be great.” You can rediscover yourself at any time. We all have setbacks in life, but you just
have to pick yourself up and start believing that you can begin to live your best life now. Since I learned to control my disease with nutrition, exercise, and proper supplementation, at the age of 41, I have never
felt stronger and more alive. Bodybuilding has reshaped my body and improved my quality of life. I recently met my 16-year-old self again at the age of 40 and even though the journey has had a lot of bumps and bruises, I’m still here, and I’m smiling because I am alive and looking forward to the sunrise of each new day.

This past week just staying focused on school, contest prep, and balancing work. 
Finished up Eating Between the Lines- Definitely should check it out, will open up to your eyes on how you grocery shop and what to look for. 

5 Week Check-In
Top 5 weeks out from Battle on the Beach 2018
Bottom 5 weeks out from Battle on the Bluff 2019

When I started on this journey about a year ago, I just trusted the process. I left the cardio room and hit the weights. I began eating more calories per day than I used to consume in a week.
Here are the results after 1 year of weight training...

To all the women who are scared to lift weights, it's the only way to achieve your fitness goals. 

Thankful every day for a great workout partner!

Check out my latest blog on Life Wellness Forever

I loved this and thought I would share!

Have a great week and thanks for following along my journey! 

Hugs & Love,
Cindy Lane Ross

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