Monday, May 6, 2019

Peak week 2019 and life!

Thank you for all the likes and comments from this post over the weekend...


"There is no excuse. There is no finish line. I had a conversation with a client this week about putting yourself first. Make yourself #1 priority. Be selfish. Say “NO”. Create boundaries. Learn discipline. Be in love with yourself. 

The girl on the left was battling for her life with a disease she didn’t know much about. After losing my mother, my father and my brother I knew something had to change. You can be on the good side of genetics or the bad side of genetics. Wake up with passion and be the best possible version of yourself. Whatever you are battling, fight it with every ounce in your body. 

Don’t just accept a diagnosis and lie down, stand up and make yourself proud. Celebrate every second of life. Be your own inspiration." 
Left- battling RA in 2005 Right- Healthiest of my life 5/3/2019

Sorry, I haven't written in a couple of weeks, I decided to give myself a little break and just focus on my training and studying.
I am now down to 5 days before my first show of the 2019 season and I am so excited! Battle on the Bluff I will see you on Friday for check-in. 

This week consists of walking, light workouts, sleeping, eating, and using the bathroom a lot (TMI). Preparing my packing list and we drive 7 hours to Tunica, MS on Friday morning. Tan and check-in. Touch up tan 345am Sat followed by hair and makeup all before 6am πŸ’ͺ

I completed my first semester back in school with a 4.0, making Dean's List, and scoring 100 on both thesis papers, I know it shocked me too LOL! πŸ˜‚Thanks for all the support from my followers.

I launched online personal training this weekend because I have been asked by potential clients all over the world to help them reach their fitness goals in the comfort of their home or office. All fitness levels welcome and I can train you anywhere in the world.
If you are interested in joining me online through SKYPE, ZOOM, or FACEBOOK MESSENGER

I have also added another feature on Life Wellness Forever, we are doing food allergy testing through hair samples. Curious if you have food sensitivity or allergies, find out now! FOOD ALLERGY TESTING.

 I wanted to share this with you, last July when I decided to compete I found this girl on Instagram. I fell in love with her body and this became my new goal. I am excited to say since last Oct. 2018, I have put on 8lbs of muscle.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

Want to shout out to my hubby for being my #1 Fan and supporter, Cinco De Mayo is our 19th Engagement anniversary, yes I do celebrate every milestone πŸ’—πŸ’˜πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’

Next weekend after the show, we will celebrate... 
Favorite AB exercise has become the ab roller, nothing else targets my abdominals the way this does. I had to start with the ab dolly and work my way up to 3-5 sets of 15-20 reps.

 Buy now on AMAZON

Who has one of these? I bought my self a "HAPPY" for doing well in school. I accidentally broke my old iPad a few weeks back and bought this new shiny piece of addiction! There are so many new things to learn, any tricks I need to know about? 

I have been able to read and finish a lot of books while on break.
Just a few I have finished in the past 2 weeks- 

New Favorite, his podcast is awesome too! 

Guess what was on the shelves today, as most of you know I LOVE G Huges BBQ Sauce.
SWEET & SPICY. Makes contest prep taste so much better. 

And the supplement I can't live without during contest prep...
Glutamine Select by Beverly International

I can't wait to share my stage pictures with you and I wanted to wish all the mom's a Happy Mother's Day, especially my mom... hope to make her proud this weekend! 

My favorite picture of my mom and me on Ft. Morgan 1980

P.S. If you are looking to take a trip of a lifetime...
Jason and I are leading a group with our travel agency Stash Your Bag in April 2021 on Celebrity Cruises. 
No Deposit necessary. First payment due Nov. 4, 2020, and Final payment due Jan. 2021
Sailing from Dubai to Greece. If interested shoot me a text or call 251-635-7477.

See you after the show! Have a great week. 
Lots of love and hugs XOXO,
Cindy Lane Ross

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